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US Coast Guard Requirements: Boat Safety Equipment
All vessels, regardless of length, are required to comply with federal and state laws regarding boating safety equipment. The specific equipment needed varies depending on the length of the boat. However, this article focuses on providing the minimum federal boat safety equipment requirements as directed and enforced by the US Coast Guard for vessels under 40 feet in length. Some states and localities have additional boat safety requirements, so always stay abreast of any mandates specific to your area.
Top Boating Destinations in Florida – 12 Places You Must Visit
If you’re a boater, there’s no question that Florida is one of the best states in the country to explore by water. Florida offers something for everyone with its miles of coastline, an abundance of lakes and rivers, and a wide array of sheltered bays and coves.
6 Boat Party Ideas You Have to Try
Simply boating is a great deal of fun. But, sometimes we are all looking for some new ideas to host our friends and family. This article includes six fresh boat party ideas. Also, boating safety is critically important, so, we’ve also included some safety tips for parties on a boat.
Grilling On the Water - Options, Recipes & Techniques
Grilling on the water or by the water with friends and family creates memories that last a lifetime. But which would you prefer grilling on the water, or by the water? Either way will work just fine with the right equipment and a good recipe.

PartsVu Offers a Wide Variety of Boat Parts and Boat Accessories.

Your One-Stop-Shop for All Things Boating.

A core group of avid boaters founded PartsVu. We understand how important it is to enjoy each day on the water. Therefore, our goal is to provide the boating world with the best possible shopping experience to maintain your boat and outfit your boat with the products and accessories that make your boating experience even more enjoyable. In short, we want to be your go-to and trusted source for all things marine.

Looking for Boat Parts Near Me? How About Parts, Boating Accessories, and Boating Resources at Your Fingertips?

Finding the right parts and products for your boat’s outboard motor or other aspects can sometimes be confusing. In particular, it’s easy to buy the wrong outboard part.

At PartsVu, we work hard to make our website easy to navigate and provide resources that give you confidence that you are buying the right parts and products. For example, the PartsVu community finds the following resources very helpful:

Yamaha Outboard Maintenance Parts Charts

Yamaha Outboard Service Schedule

Yamaha Outboard 100-hour Service Guides

Mercury Outboard Maintenance Parts Charts

Mercury Outboard Service Schedule

Mercury Outboard Serial Number Lookup

Mercury Outboard 100-hour Service Guides

MerCruiser Inboard Maintenance

MerCruiser Maintenance Parts Library

Suzuki Outboard Engine Oil Capacities & Oil Filter Chart

Suzuki Outboard Motor Gear Lube Capacities Chart

Suzuki Outboard 100-Hour Service Checklist

Does PartsVu carry OEM engine parts and products?

Yes. PartsVu offers a complete catalog of Yamaha outboard parts, Mercury outboard parts, Suzuki outboard parts, and MerCruiser parts.

PartsVu’s prices on OEM parts and products are lower than many others in the market. How are we able to offer these prices?

We are certified Yamaha outboard, Mercury Marine, and Suzuki outboard dealers. As a large parts and products dealer, we take advantage of the strategic buying windows the manufacturers offer during the year. As a large purchaser, engine manufacturers offer us discounted pricing—discounts we pass along to you.

Does PartsVu carry products from top marine brands other than OEM engine products?

Yes. Our selection of over 200,000 boating and marine engine maintenance, accessories, and gear includes top brands such as Star brite, T-H Marine, Solas Propellers, ProMariner Battery Chargers, Marinco, 303, Blue Sea Systems, Turning Point Propellers, AFTCO Fishing Apparel, Uflex Steering Systems, Bennett Trim Tabs, Humminbird, Seachoice, and many others.

Does PartsVu offer information and resources to support the boating lifestyle?

In addition to the many engine maintenance charts and resources, the PartVu Xchange blog offers many articles discussing all aspects of the boating lifestyle, from outboard engine maintenance, sterndrive engine maintenance, boat cleaning, fishing, marine conservation, boating safety, and much more.

In addition, the PartsVu Xchange Talks Boating & Fishing podcast hosts a wide cross-section of guests from across the marine industry. Finally, PartsVu’s YouTube channel offers entertainment, tips and trick, and more for all aspects of boating life.

Does PartsVu offer free shipping?

Free shipping is available for orders over $149.

What is PartsVu’s return policy?

Returns will be accepted on new, unused, uninstalled, or unaltered items within 30 days of the original purchase. Returns will not be approved if outside of 30 days. To receive an RA number, submit a request online and include images of the item(s) in question.  

For more detailed information about PartsVu’s return policy, visit our shipping & returns customer service page.

What are some tools to help me to find the right Yamaha outboard parts? has plenty of resources to help you find the correct Yamaha Outboard Parts to keep your Yamaha outboard engine performing on the water.

PartsVu’s Yamaha Outboard Maintenance Parts Charts

Yamaha Specs & Capacities Charts

Yamaha Outboards Engine Schematics

PartsVu offers more than 40,000 Genuine Yamaha OEM parts and products and other boating essentials at low prices.

How do I select the right parts for my Mercury outboard engine?

It’s sometimes challenging to know which parts work with your exact Mercury outboard engine model. With thousands of parts available, many boaters don’t even know where to start!

Luckily, PartsVu has a wealth of resources to help you find the Mercury outboard parts you need to keep your engine running smoothly, including:

Mercury Outboard Parts Library

Mercury Outboard Maintenance Blogs

Mercury Outboard Engine Schematics

How do I use Yamaha outboard schematics?

Looking for even more specific and in-depth information for maintaining or repairing your Yamaha outboard motor? PartsVu offers Yamaha Outboards Engine Schematics. Once on the Yamaha outboard schematics page, you will choose the right parts for your Yamaha by searching either by your outboard’s Primary Identification Number (PID) located at the top of this page or look up your model using a series of dropdown menus on the left side of the page.

How often should you clean your boat?

As a general rule, you should clean your boat every 4 – 12 weeks to protect your boat’s surfaces. The buildup of salt and dirt interferes with a metal’s ability to resist corrosion. Additionally, gelcoat and marine vinyl are porous surfaces and thus have characteristics that allow them to absorb water, dirt, and grime from their surroundings. Unprotected vinyl seats are more likely to develop mold and more likely to fade and crack with frequent sun exposure. Lastly, fiberglass that is uncared for will stain and discolor more easily over time, notwithstanding simply degrading through oxidation and literally chalk away.

However, you may need to clean your boat more often due to a number of factors.

Do you need a transom saver or motor support when trailering your boat?

This is a controversial question, and boaters argue passionately on both sides of this issue.

When considering whether or not to use a transom saver or motor support, the following are generally the concerns:

Transom damage – the concern here is that as your trailered boat encounters bumps, potholes, and other hazards on the highway, the engine will bounce around and risk cracking or creating other damage to your boat’s transom.

Lower unit damage – the worry here is that you run the risk of your lower unit making contact with the road as you traverse potholes, bumps, inclines, and other unevenness.

Hydraulic trim and tilt assembly and transom bracket – stress caused by the outboard engine bouncing around or drifting from side to side while the boat is trailered can lead the motor toter to suffer problems.

General engine stress – damage from general vibration and bouncing around as you trailer your boat.

For more details about the argument on both sides of the issue, read this article.

New to boating? Boat parts and parts of a boat can be a little confusing.

If you’re new to boating, it’s important to learn the basic parts of a boat, names of parts, and related terminology. We’ve written a blog post that covers the essential parts of a boat and what they do. We’ll also discuss some basic boat terms so you can feel confident talking to other boaters.

While different boats will have slightly different parts, the basics remain the same.   The information below specifically focuses on boat parts and does not include details relative to ships. Read the article by clicking here.