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Grilling On the Water - Options, Recipes & Techniques
Grilling On the Water - Options, Recipes & Techniques

Grilling On the Water - Options, Recipes & Techniques

Grilling on the water or by the water with friends and family creates memories that last a lifetime. But which would you prefer grilling on the water, or by the water? Either way will work just fine with the right equipment and a good recipe.

Grilling on the Water Options

Grilling on the water
Magma Kettle Series Grills with rod holder mounts make grilling onboard easy.

On Board

Enjoy a grilled delight, filleted fresh-caught fish. PartsVu offers grills that mount into a rod holder on your boat or are rail mounted depending on your configuration.


Compact, easy to use grills that allow you to land like a conquistador and set up camp complete with a grill for cooking up your catch of the day.

Grilled Fish Recipe & Preparation

Whatever option you choose, don’t miss out on a crowning jewel moment with family and friends. To get you started, PartsVu has included an easy-to-use recipe that allows you to enjoy the flavors of the fish.

We introduce our recipe to cook Spanish Mackerel and other similar types of fish: shark, swordfish, grouper, and bass.


  • Fish of Choice
  • A healthy chef spoon of butter
  • Small bag of lemons
  • Honey
  • Olive oil – Cooking olive oil vs. virgin olive oil is preferred
  • Spices – We enjoy spices designed for fish, check your local supermarket and keep it simple. Garlic is always a great seasoning.

Preparation Instructions

Marinate the freshly caught fish with lemon juice and light spices.

  • If you do not have time to marinate the fish, apply spices directly to the fillet and during grilling. The lemon juice can be applied after grilling to the fish.

After marinating, place the fish skin side down into a frying pan with a light amount of olive oil. Note: you do not want the fish to be swimming in olive oil. Its swimming days ended after “fish on!” was bellowed from the decks.

  • If you are grilling and not frying, olive oil is not necessary.
  • If you do not have a pan but still want to fry the fish, create a shallow boat for each fillet pouring the correct amount of olive oil into the fashioned pan from aluminum foil.

The flesh will turn white and become flakey telling you that the fish is ready to be served. Caution – do not overcook. Fry the fish for the majority of the time on the skin side of the filet and then flip the fish momentarily to finish off the cooking process.

The Sauce, The Sauce, The Sauce! If you are going to add a nice sauce instead of simply squeezing lemon juice onto the fillet let us recommend melting a healthy chef spoon of butter in a saucepan, or aluminum foil fashioned boat pan. Add 1 lemon (squeeze all of the juice from the lemon into the saucepan. Add honey to taste stirring frequently the tri-combo in the saucepan. The butter serves as the base with the lemon bringing tartness and honey softening with a sweet touch. Texture can be added to the sauce by grating the lemon skin to the sauce. Only add a touch so the sauce is not overpowered. Want a stronger touch of lemon, try adding grated lemon skin directly onto the fillet after the sauce has been applied.

We recommend fresh vegetables be prepared with the fillet. It is healthy and adds balance to your pallet in combination with the fish, notwithstanding a great pop of color to the plate.

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