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Uflex - Front Mount Tilt Helm - UP33TX52

SKU: PV768029
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  • Front mount helms are drop-in replacements for SeaStar Helm.

  • Compact design

  • Built-in lock valve for positive rudder lock

  • Integral relief valve for over-pressure protection

  • Compatible with Teleflex SeaStar cylinders, hoses and oil

  • 3/4" tapered stainless steel shaft

  • Easily accessible lock valve and shaft seal for replacement

  • Convenient front of dash fill

  • Adjustable Boss Fittings compatible with Kit OB and Kit OBSVS hose kits and SeaStar hoses

  • Relief valve pressure: 1000 PSI

  • Tilt Mount Helm Pump: Tilt range of 48° and five locking positions. X52 Tilt mechanism fits standard Ultraflex tilt mount rotary and rack and pinion steering helms as well as standard Ultraflex tilt mount hydraulic pumps except SilverSteer and MasterDrive steering systems


Uflex - Front Mount Tilt Helm - UP33TX52

Uflex - Front Mount Tilt Helm - UP33TX52

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